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Re-constructing the X is a Quantum Filmmaking project, in which participants film during 30 seconds with their mobile phones their point of view shots of X, which is a specific momentum in space and time, co-creating a multiscreen video-collage re-constructing the situation.

Participants are invited to perform all kind of camera movements, such as panning left to right, or right to left, tilting up and down… and vice versa, or even doing some original tracking shots reflecting their perception of the situation.

There are different ways of participating in the project. On the one hand, we will be announcing in the social media the date and location of the happenings of X. Also, you can make your own particular momentums, and send the videos to us by e-mail to along with the details of the situation, such as location, date and time, as well as, the name of the participants.

All participating artists are acknowledged on the website. By participating in the project you are confirming that you have all the rights to publish the videos and you are allowing us their exhibition.

This is a non-profit research art project conducted at University of the Arts London.